• Vietnam – Everything but the Coffee!

    12th May 2015

    The World Atlas of Coffee highlights the following: ‘Very little high-quality coffee is available in Vietnam, and so most tastes flat, woody and lacks sweetness or much character.’

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    25th February 2015

    It’s always brilliant to make new friends in the world of coffee and our new buddies are the Colombian Coffee Hub. Join their website and discover fantastic facts and trivia related to coffee and coffee growing – direct from the origin!

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  • Remote Sierra Leone communities receive food aid 

    17th December 2014

    RFA Argus preparing the aid prior to delivery (Picture: Crown Copyright)

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    1st December 2014

    We delight in reaching as many people as possible with our coffee, but when we received this order and the following message from POAET (AV) J. Malcolm, we felt compelled to share it with everyone for more than one reason… please do keep reading ALL THE WAY down…

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  • New Winter Wonder speciality coffee created

    30th October 2014

    Nick has been blending a gorgeous new coffee – Winter Wonder is special edition created for you to enjoy through the Winter Season. This 100% Arabica blend of Indonesian coffees, with rich fruit flavours, sweet and slightly spicy taste, makes for a delicious and warming drinking experience.

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  • Bring on the coffee and tea!

    11th June 2014

    This is it – the excuse to have another cuppa you’ve been looking for – researchers from the Japanese National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Centre have found that coffee and green tea can help lower your risk of having a stroke, especially when both are a regular part of your diet.

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  • The Growers Club

    27th May 2014

    For fun, Nick planted out 16 coffee beans alongside the usual tomato, sunflower and lavender seeds (bee friendly plants) and this plucky ‘Special High Grown Guatemalan’ seed popped up one day. It originally measured just 3mm from leaf tip to leaf tip (see below) but has now increased in size and has 5 leaves.

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  • Time to wake up the garden!

    27th February 2014


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  • Did you know your coffee could be 'X' rated ?!

    28th January 2014

    Valentine’s Day often brings more chocolates with it than Easter and Christmas put together and no wonder – cocoa beans are one of the best known aphrodisiacs – but did you know that coffee is just as good for your sex life?

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  • How to brew the perfect cup of Turkish coffee

    28th January 2014

    Turkish style coffee brewing is one of the oldest methods for preparing the drink, dating back to the 15th century.

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