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    We all know what Christmas usually means, chocolates, desserts, drinks and more food but for those of you who don’t want to be restricted to wearing elasticated trousers the whole season, professional runner Mitch ‘chef’ Lee has created a low fat recipe for Christmas using our Christmas Special coffee.

    This recipe is gluten free, and contains no butter or added sugar – with 100 calories per serving this is perfect for all cake lovers!

    This recipe makes 12 slices, and the nutrition value for 1 slice is: 102 calories, 7g Protein, 12g Carbs (of which just 1 is sugars) and 3.6g of Fat.

    Christmas Yule Log!

    Mitch says:

    “Gran’s chocolate log was always my favourite part of Christmas. It is so chocolaty, delicious and the ends with all the extra frosting were always mine…both ends. Recently I discovered I have a low tolerance to gluten and so I have gone completely gluten free; As I can no longer eat the original recipe, I decided to create my own version.

    Chocolate and coffee work together so well and the idea of including it in my recipe was a no brainer. I had never made a chocolate log before and this took 3 attempts to get right, but I am so pleased with the final outcome and I hope you are too”.

    Cake Ingredients:

    -3 Free Range Eggs
    -25g Xylitol (Natural Sweetener)
    -2 Tbsp x Freshly Brewed Christmas Special Coffee
    -50g Chobani (Fat Free Greek/ Strained Yogurt)
    -100g Gluten Free Self Raising Flour (Doves Farm)
    -20g Cocoa Powder (Bourneville)
    -Pinch of Xantham Gum


    -100g Quark (Meadow Churn)
    -2 Tbsp x Freshly Brewed ‘Christmas Special’ Coffee
    -10g Cocoa Powder
    -10g Xylitol

    Chocolate Frosting:

    -40g 85% Dark Chocolate
    -100g Chobani (Fat Free Greek/ Strained Yogurt)
    -135g Quark (Meadow Churn)
    -Additional Xylitol (if desired)



    blog pic mitch

    -Pre-heat your fan oven to 170 degrees Celsius and prepare a Swiss roll tin (23 x 32cm) by greasing the pan, then adding some grease proof paper and greasing that lightly too, making sure the log won’t stick.

    -In a food processor, add your eggs, xylitol and freshly brewed Christmas Special coffee and beat for 5 minutes until creamy and light. Next add in your Chobani yogurt and beat for another minute.

    -In a large mixing bowl, combine your flour, cocoa and xantham gum and mix. Carefully fold your wet mixture into the bowl, trying to keep the air in. Once fully mixed, pour into your pan and using a knife, push the batter into the corners and finish with a flat, evenly spread mixture. Place in the oven on a middle shelf and cook for 10-15 minutes or until the cake feels spongy but firm when touched.

    -Lay a sheet of baking paper on the work surface and sprinkle with a little flour and xylitol. Remove the cake from the oven and tip the tin upside-down onto the paper, letting the cake fall out. Carefully peel off the paper then roll up the cake from the long edge with the help of the paper, rolling it inside so the cake doesn’t stick. Let it cool for at least 10 minutes in that position.

    -Whilst the cake is cooling, mix up your filling by simply combining the Quark, coffee, cocoa and xylitol until you have a smooth paste. Once the cake has cooled, carefully unroll it and spread the filling inside, rolling it back over with the joint underneath.

    -The final stage is the chocolate frosting. Place a bowl over a pan of boiling water, and slowly melt your dark chocolate, stirring occasionally. Once the chocolate has melted, add the Quark and Chobani and any additional xylitol to your desired taste, mix until you have a smooth chocolaty-yogurt like paste. Smother it over the cake, making sure to cover both ends and once done, place in the fridge for at least an hour to cool and set.

    Enjoy a guilt free, chocolate coffee Christmas cake and keep on track with your goals!

    For more news of Mitch’s recipes and his training, please visit his Facebook page HERE!

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