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Tiger Stripes

This pre blended coffee from the Allana growers cooperative of South West India has delighted many a coffee lover with the full-bodied and aromatic cup.

It makes a great espresso shot and is ideal for capuccinos and lattes. It also satisfies those who desire a kick to their filter/cafetiere drink and makes an invigorating aeropress Americano.

The roast colour for this blend is Light Italian, ensuring that it boasts a fantastic aroma, remains rich in caffeine and maintains its high mineral and antioxidant levels.

Please note the beans are not actually stripy (or furry!), but when you do make it, the crema is stripy! 

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Product Information

  • Weight:

    0.227 kg, 0.454 kg, 0.908 kg

  • Grind:

    Espresso, Aeropress, Beans, Cafetiere, Filter, Green Beans, Pod Grind, Turkish

  • Country of Origin :


  • Type of Bean:

    Arabica, Blend

  • Recommended For :


  • Tasting Notes - Coffee:


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