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    C.Plant on 27.5.14

    It was lovely to see such an enthusiastic response with so many of you wanting to try your hand at coffee bean growing and are delighted to confirm that we have sent out Arabican Honduras ‘Special High Grown’ from the latest 2013/14 crop that landed in the UK.  (This means they should be young enough to successfully develop into healthy plants).

    Along with the seeds, we have provided a small volume of husk. This is a by-product of the roasting process and is released from the crease in the centre of the bean as it crackles, pops and expands with heating. This husk exists in the soils of coffee plantations and so we thought it may be of value.

    Here’s the latest photo of Nick’s plant which lives in a conservatory most of the time. It’s still tiny but size isn’t everything (so he says!) – in all seriousness, as a novice gardener Nick welcomes any tips, advice and contributions to this project – they can be as technical as you wish or just for fun, both would be exciting and lovely to see.

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