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    Have you been throwing out the residue grounds from your morning cuppa? Well, it’s time to stop and give your garden a spring boost!

    Used coffee grounds still contain phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, copper, vitamins and lot of other goodness that is highly nutritious to your garden. They are particularly beneficial for acid-loving plants, such as roses, azaleas, tomatoes, evergreens and some fruit trees, but you can use it with other plants as well – just reduce the amount.

    If you want to make a liquid fertiliser, add 50g of damp grounds to 4.5 lites of water and let it sit outdoors to get to air temperature before you use it. You can also dry the grounds in your oven to get a fertiliser which you can sprinkle around the base of your plants. This will also make your house smell great.

    As with any fertiliser,  just be careful not to overdo it and avoid dumping the grounds in clumps as they can go mouldy and won’t be as beneficial.


    Farmers have found that coffee grounds can help produce some of the biggest melons, tomatoes and carrots, so why not treat your allotment to some. It was also observed that these plants were less prone to insect infestations and disease.

    To make things even better, the combination of coffee grounds and broken egg shells mixed into the compost has been known to deter slugs.

    So go on, drink up your coffee and give your garden the spring wake-up it deserves.

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