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Jute Sacks need a home!

Our raw coffee arrives in jute sacks from all over the sub-tropics. Consequently we have a large number of these emptied sacks that are quite useful in many ways.

From pond lining, potato growing and storage, cooking aprons, shopping bags, cushion covers, café wall decorations : these are just some of the very practical uses for the sacks.

And of course there is a racing opportunity for which we have some top tips: If you want to bask in the glory of winning the family hop sack race then our best advice is to hop on an empty tummy. And note that it is not against t rules to serve melted cheese on jacket potatos to all competitors just before the race.

We sell these in bundles of 5. (please note that these are used raw coffee sacks, opened at one end)

CLICK HERE TO BUY https://thehouseofcoffee.co.uk/product/jute-coffee-sacks/

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