• Fresh Colombian coffee

    Colombian coffee is considered to be the finest in the world, owing to its rich flavour and well-balanced taste contributed by the favourable climatic conditions in the high altitudes of Colombia.

    The origin of Colombian coffee

    In the mid sixteenth century, Jesuit priests introduced coffee to Colombia, and encouraged farmers to plant three to four coffee trees per head, as they were not willing to take it up on a larger scale. This was because of their worry that coffee would take five years to yield the first produce, and their survival would be at stake during that period. In spite of the small beginning, coffee plantations picked up well, and Colombia started exporting coffee in 1835, sending about 2000 bags to the United States. By 1875 the export increased to 170,000 bags, and currently it is about 11,000,000 bags per year. Presently, Colombia is the third largest coffee producer, with Brazil in the first place and Vietnam in the second.

     Superiority of Colombian coffee

    Colombian coffee is marked among the best, owing to the high quality of its coffee beans namely, Coffee Arabica. The Arabica bean grows better in higher altitudes with drier climates, and it happens to be superior to the Robusta bean, which is predominant in the lower-lying and wetter regions of Vietnam. Colombia provides ideal conditions for Arabica with its high altitudes, comprising arid mountains and volcanic soil, which is rich and well drained. Besides, it is favoured by the shade of rubber trees and banana trees.

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