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    There are millions of people who wake up everyday to the smell of fresh coffee. Whether you make it yourself or go out to buy it, there is no greater taste then home brewed fresh coffee.

    Everyone is on a quest to brew the perfect cup of coffee… here are a few tips that you might like to try!

    Buy good coffee beans – It really doesn’t matter how you brew your coffee if the beans are not of good value. What makes a good cup of coffee is subjective to the drinker but one thing that does separate what is good from the bad is the freshness of the beans. Buying freshly roasted beans is a sure way to make the experience more flavourful. Try to buy lightly roasted whole beans as they have the most flavour and make sure they are freshly roasted.

    Grind your own coffee – Roasted coffee is delicate in taste and therefore has more flavour. Grinding the coffee beans before brewing keeps the taste more intact. Coffee starts losing quality immediately upon grinding. The best tasting cup of coffee is usually from beans ground before brewing!  Check this out…

    Store your coffee properly – Make sure to store your beans in an air tight container and away from sunlight to keep the bean flavours in until you’re ready to taste them.

    Use the right ratio of coffee to water – Nothing can ruin a pot of coffee than tap water with off flavours – double check that the water is fresh and clean. As a serious coffee lover you would want to get the ratio between the water and coffee right. A common mistake many people make is not using enough coffee. The ratio should be 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to every 6 ounces of water. This can be adjusted to suit individual taste preferences!

    Perfect the right technique – Brewing a good cup of coffee is all about precision and consistency. Each brewing method has its own techniques – by doing the same thing over and over will help fix the mistakes and improve the brewing method!

    Use quality tools- Making an upfront investment in quality equipment will help get better results. Purchasing good tools last longer and make the entire brewing process much easier. Keep the tools clean is another investment worth making – storage containers and grinders should be cleaned every few weeks to remove oily build up. Every month use specialist coffee equipment cleaner or vinegar solution, to clean the coffee maker and dissolve away any mineral deposits – rinse thoroughly before reuse!

    A perfectly prepared cup of coffee should be enjoyed as thoughtfully as it was brewed. Take a moment to smell the aroma and take time to sip and taste the wonderful flavours of a home brew coffee… sit back and enjoy!





















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