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Coffee with Reusable Pods

Pods are handy – no doubt about it, and pod machines super-convenient, but there is a lot of talk about their impact on the environment – the combination of plastic and aluminium is reckoned to take up to 500 years to break down in landfill whilst the grounds, which can be a good fertilizer, are wasted in their pod coffin.

A box of 12 Espresso Pods from a well-known brand will set you back around Ā£4 – each pod with 5.5 grams of espresso grind giving you a decent cup of coffee for around 33 pence.Ā 

House of Coffee Ernesto Espresso, or Java Mocha in Espresso grind combined with a reusable pod will give you a far superior cup for around 10 pence, and your grounds can be used in your composting.

Now, given the times we are in that has to be a good choice – surely?

Pods are available for both Nespressoā„¢, Tassimo and Dolce Gustoā„¢ machines – the principle is the same, but we found that the stainless steel capsules perform best over time.

Reusable Pods are available through Amazon, eBay and many other web stores.

The Tassimo pods shown in the video below are availableĀ HERE



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