• Cup of Excellence Costa Rica

    Cup of Excellence® is the most prestigious award given to a fine quality coffee. Coffees are presented to an international jury and are cupped at least 5 times during the competition which lasts for 3 weeks. The jury have to taste and evaluate thousands of cups and score them based on their characteristic merits and then pick the winners from each country.

    The House of Coffee are thrilled to be able to offer La Maravilla – Cup of Excellence Lot No 9 June 2014

    Which countries can enter the Cup of Excellence®?

    Currently, the Cup of Excellence program takes place in 10 specialty coffee producing countries in East Africa and in Central and South America.

    • Brazil
    • Burundi
    • Colombia
    • Costa Rica
    • El Salvador
    • Guatamala
    • Honduras
    • Mexico
    • Nicaragua
    • Rwanda


    How many coffees are awarded Cup of Excellence®?

    There is no set number of winners as the award depends entirely on which coffees meet the high standards set in the competition.  The requirements are so strict that only a few coffees from each country are eligible for the award.


    What makes these coffees so special?

    Each winning coffee will have been nurtured to develop unique characteristics and flavours that embody the area where it grows.  The coffee will be perfectly ripe, and contain a well developed body, delightful aroma and honed sweetness that only extremely high quality specialty coffees contain.


    Who buys these winning coffees?

    Cup of Excellence® coffees are bought at auction by roasters who wish to provide coffee for connoisseurs around the world.  The coffee is bought at a high premium, well above the prices typically offered.

    What is the impact on the coffee farmer?

    Winning the Cup of Excellence® can completely change the life of a coffee farmer.  Often shy and unused to being in the spotlight they receive the award from an ambassador, vice president or sometimes even the president of their country in front of a huge audience.

    It is a recognition of their hard work, attention to detail and skill that they have worked towards for generations.  The premiums paid for the coffee at auction can fundamentally change the livelihood of a farmer, often meaning that new land or equipment can be purchased, workers hired, houses can be built and children can be sent to school.

    This investment secures long term relationships with international buyers and can bring further security for the family and local community.


    Who runs the Cup of Excellence® competition?

    The Cup of Excellence® competition is run by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence a global alliance of coffee lovers dedicated to advancing excellence in coffee.

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