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Matilda at the Apple Fayre Farmers Market, Tring

It looks like Matilda is going to be a lot of fun! Our ‘new’ coffee vehicle was rolled out for a third time on Saturday 8th at the Farmers Market in the charming small town of Tring in Hertfordshire. It was a sunny, family day out for the townsfolk and an abundance of local produce was on offer, including honey, fudge, sausages, bread, four paws fragrances, handmade jewellery and toffee apples.

Games and music played and the Mayor arrived in a beautiful, flower adorned, pony and trap. (zero net carbon emissions from the Mayor on Saturday!)

We think that our fresh, locally roasted, espresso based coffee menu was well received by the visitors but nothing, not even Matilda, can top Morris Dancers!

So it was a fun, enjoyable day for all and an excellent, and centuries old, retail therapy session for the town.

So thank you Tring and we’ll see you again!

(to find out more then tringfarmersmarket.co.uk is where to go)

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