BUY LOOSE TEA ONLINE – Whether you are looking for excellent natural flavours, premium loose tea, or something fruity, all of our tea offers balanced blends that are nourishing for body and mind!

Our worldly selection of loose leaf teas, indigenous to China, India, Japan, South Africa, Kenya and Sri Lanka, offers a diverse array of flavours, aromas and natural remedies. Steeped in human history and legend, tea is as much a daily ritual as it is a flavourful and refreshing beverage. Used anciently as medicine, tea has an abundance of associated health benefits. Green tea in particular possesses polyphenals and catechins, known for their anti-diabetic, anticancer, anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory properties; Rooibos, herbal and fruit teas, or infusions, are naturally caffeine free; and the soothing routine of brewing and drinking tea has, for many, a significant stress reducing effect. Whether you take time to contemplate over a cup, or enjoy a pot socially, tea is a naturally flavourful, healthy and refreshing beverage.

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