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House of Coffee / Fairtrade San Jorge Costa Rica

Fairtrade San Jorge Costa Rica


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Fantastic single origin Costa Rica coffee beans.

This single origin Fair Trade specialty coffee Costa Rica works great through all brewing methods, including a smooth, light espresso.

The House of Coffee has been registered as a producer of Fair Trade high quality coffee for some years now.  Coffees that are recognised as Fair Trade are supported by the foundations principles, which aim for farmers to not only get a fair price for their coffee, but also help to invest in their futures through providing education and stable resources. Please follow our Fairtrade homepage or more about this. https://thehouseofcoffee.co.uk/fairtrade/


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Packaged in 227g, 454g, and 908g quantities, our coffee beans are freshly roasted to guarantee the best flavour and aroma. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply looking for a high-quality cup of coffee, our Fairtrade Costa Rica single-origin coffee is sure to impress.

Enjoy a taste of Costa Rica and support sustainable coffee farming with each sip.

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Medium to Dark Roast


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