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Coffee Mundo


Here is a chance to enjoy the unique characteristics of coffee that is farmed right across the earth’s coffee growing belt. We have chosen 10 single origin arabica’s from countries across 4 continents.

Compare, contrast and hone in on what coffees you like and which you adore! This is an excellent opportunity to appreciate how regional variations create sometimes deep and sometimes subtle contrasts to one of the worlds most popular drinks.

Buy as beans or ground to your spec.

Contents: 10x40g airtight sachets.

A list of the coffees is included with the precise source, variety and character of each coffee.

The coffee is packed in a neat and presentable card board box that fits through a standard letterbox.



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10 x 40g sachets of single origin arabica coffees.

Countries of origin: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Java, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Sumatra,




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