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House of Coffee / Wega and Macap Package

Wega and Macap Package

£2,525.00 - or subscribe and save up to 10%

We’ve teamed up the Wega Mini with the Macap grinder in a package for those who need both, having accepted that, at this level, pre-ground coffee is a non-starter.

So here’s our package deal with a saving on the two pieces of equipment bought simultaneously. An extra £50 voucher to spend on our web site www.thehouseofcoffee.co.uk. (this offer also includes the barista tools kit and the House of Coffee Espresso selection box.) Please see the full list of benefits below.

The Wega product page https://thehouseofcoffee.co.uk/product/wega-mini-traditional-espresso-machine

The Macap product page  https://thehouseofcoffee.co.uk/product/macap-m2e-domus-grinder/

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Wega ‘Mini’ Espresso Machine (black)

Macap M2e Domus (black)

Barista accessories kit

House of Coffee Espresso Bean Selection: (5 x 250g beans.)

£50 voucher for our web site

Ongoing technical support.

Price includes 20% VAT