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Yirgacheffe Coffee

For an exceptional gourmet experience, try our freshly ground Yirgacheffe Coffee. This single origin delicacy comes straight from the birthplace of coffee – Ethiopia – and is one of the finest washed brews. It makes a bright, clean, full-bodied cup with smooth wine-like taste and delightfully fruity acidity.

Yirgacheffe coffee beans are from the Sidamo region in Southern Ethipoia, known for producing some of the best beans in the world. The beans are small and greyish in colour. They are valued for their deep and smooth taste as well as their floral aroma and fruity acidity.

The process of washing greatly benefits this single origin coffee. It consists of immersing the coffee cherries in water before they are dried. The ripe ones sink to the bottom whereas the unripe cherries float on the surface and are removed, ensuring only the best beans are kept in the batch.


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Product Information

  • Weight:

    0.227 kg, 0.454 kg, 0.908 kg

  • Grind:

    Espresso, Aeropress, Beans, Cafetiere, Filter, Green Beans, Pod Grind, Turkish

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  • Tasting Notes - Coffee:

    Fruity, Rich, Smooth, Winey

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