Tastetastic coffee for KidsOut charity
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Tastetastic – KidsOut charity coffee

Every purchase of the delicious Tastetastic coffee means we donate £1 to the charity KidsOut.

KidsOut Tastetastic Coffee for charityJust imagine you are a child who has…

NEVER received a gift

NEVER had a brand new toy

NEVER walked on a beach

NEVER been to a theme park

But you have…

LIVED every day in fear of abuse

…and cried yourself to sleep each night

Through their amazing and life-changing work, KidsOut gives disadvantaged children positive experiences to support them becoming future members of our society and workforce. These can include a day out, a box of brand new toys when they start their new life, fun days, sensory play with Phyzzpod™ and World Stories (an online library in many languages so books are available for all children).

Our Tastetastic coffee has been blended just for KidsOut and your purchase guarantees that £1 is donated to KidsOut by the House of Coffee for every bag bought. Tastetastic coffee is a medium roast, containing 4 Arabica beans from South and Central America and Central Africa.

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Product Information

  • Weight: 0.23 kg
  • Grind:

    Beans, Cafetiere, Filter

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