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Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

This information is for those who wish to know a little more about the mysterious art of taking the caffeine out of coffee, the Swiss Water way.

Firstly the process and its name are the property of The Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc. ,of Canada.

The technique is a 100% chemical free process and there are no additives or sugars added to the process.

Coffee beans are immersed into a solution of water plus soluble components of coffee minus the caffeine. Whilst in this solution, caffeine (or most of it) transfers from the beans into the solution through a natural process of osmosis. The bean becomes decaffeinated and the solution flows through carbon filters which trap caffeine molecules. The decaffeinated fluid is subsequently reconstituted into the coffee beans.

Crumbs! If only we had thought of that.

Learn more, and buy!

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