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What a wonderful world.

A shared passion is a wonderful way to bond. No matter where in the world one might be,

And so it was a great pleasure to meet Amy, owner of Sexy Lama Coffee, and Kristoffer owner of Ungrounded Coffee in the beautiful state of Vermont, U.S.A. some 2 days ago.

Passion and a desire to excel were the two most noticeable characteristics of both these businesses. The care and craftsmanship within these businesses were evident in the detail and enthusiasm of the owners; their investment in good equipment, their knowledge on the subject and desire to go further. From Amy’s cupping and blending research to Kristoffers exceptional Maple Latte.

Much of the dedication required to run these businesses goes on behind the scenes of course and so it is worth noting that a great deal of care has gone into the journey of the raw beans to their transformation into the delightful drink that we love. That is thanks to people like Amy and Kristoffer.

Something else is evident from these two business: They are unique. There’s only one Sexy Lama and there’s only one Ungrounded in the world. These are originals and that makes the world a little bit more beautiful we think.

(Amy and Kristoffer: thank you for being so welcoming and we would like to keep in touch.)

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